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The subscription is free. All data and entries of the subscriber will not be shared with or handed out to a third person! To use the BCA you have to state your first name, last name and your correct e-mail address. Onlinegamebooks.com reserves the right to delete useless or teasing subscriptions or entries at any time.

The author is responsible for the content of her/his online gamebooks. He is the holder of copyright. A reproduction or circulation to a third person is utterly out of the question. However, there is no safe copy protection of content by internet browsers (but there should be pointed out that it is almost impossible and it would take a lot of time to copy all sections because of hidden section numbers, numberous possibilities of paths and lots of hidden extras).

Publishing of gamebooks from other (famous) authors without the permission of the licence holder is strictly forbidden!!!!

The following content is illegal and will be reported:
  • a) Assistance to illegal provision and usage of copyright material, cracks, serial numbers and keys (hyperlinks, download links, etc.).
  • b) Pornographic writing or media of all kinds.
  • c) Left or right supremacy, racist, or violent content.
  • d) Unauthorized ads. e.g. hyperlinks to homepages.
  • e) Obscene, vulgar, discriminatory or debasing content.
  • f) Content (from (a) to (e)) which is created by a second account.
  • g) Endangering content, which are adapted to a negative development of children and teenagers or the education to a wrong self-reliance and personality. e.g. content which is immoral, threatening or causes damage, violence and racial hatred.