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Project goal has been on-line since September 2004 ( and serves to encourage the creativity of hobby authors (genre: Adventure Gamebook) and provides a service to adventure-seeking readers (kids, teenagers, and adults too).

Reading pleasure combined with playing games is also a goal of this project. The ubiquity of visual arts on the Internet and in PC games leads to a comfort of someone's own fantasy creation. Because of the daily usage of the Internet and its international growth, www.onlinegamebooks offers the chance to take a creative break. The online gameplay of adventure gamebooks can promote everyone's reading and creativity (especially our younger generation).

There is also an increase in illiteracy and occurence of speech defects. This page can act as a bridge and encourage children to read books again.

Owner, publishment and implementation
Pierre Voak
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Design and illustrations
Uwe Jarling
Germany Germany
1) Maindesign
2) Bottom pic (Sword and dragon bones)

HP Kolb
Germany Germany
-) Human scale (Rules) (© HP Kolb)

Chantelle Walker
Canada Canada
-) Small pics (books, canon, globe, sword with helmet and shrine with amulet)

Sandro Castelli
Brazil Brazil
-) 3 gameborders (leather, wood, machine)

Miloš Nicic
Serbia Serbia
-) Gameborder and weapon window

Linda M Pitman
United Kingdom United Kingdom
-) Weapon window

Matt Aufderheide
U.S.A. U.S.A.
-) Battle window: Fantasy

Brian Lassen
Denmark Denmark
-) Battle window: Fantasy and Science-Fiction

Richard Bartrop
Canada Canada
-) Battle window: Fantasy, Modern/Spy and Science-Fiction

Lic. Héctor Bustamante
Mexico Mexico
-) Battle window: Modern/Spy

Wan Ling, Kee
Singapore Singapore
-) Battle window: Modern/Spy

Thomas Reidy
U.S.A. U.S.A.
-) Battle window: Science-Fiction

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