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A Hero?s Journey (Snawley)
Title: A Hero?s Journey
Author: U.S.A. Snawley
Language: english
Genre: Fantasy
Duration: 35 min
Played: 164 x
Weapons limit in inventory: 3
Items limit in inventory: 12
Initial character stats:
Skill:6 + 1 x
Stamina:6 + 2 x
Luck:6 + 1 x
Initial items: Meal (Energy: +4)
Annotations: You start off as a simple man but must go on a journey to find adventure and optimistically come back a hero.
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Blurb: You have always wanted to be an adventurer and now is the chance! Tomorrow, you plan to start your adventure but the very first thing you must do is find a quest. After learning of your quest, prepare to leave the monotonous city of your childhood. Setting off you will encounter many obstacles, monsters, tricks, traps, and more. Hopefully you won't get brutally murdered by wolves or decapitated by a cyclops! Good luck!


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16.12.2013 12:50 - GR

Very interesting... looking forward for an update!
Keep on going mate!
16.04.2013 13:41 - Pendel

Still in Progress, but great to try!

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