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The unholy Battle (William potter)
Title: The unholy Battle
Author: United Kingdom William potter (chelsea-will@hotmail.com)
Language: english
Genre: Modern
Sections: 13
Played: 99 x
Weapons limit in inventory: 10
Items limit in inventory: 20
Initial character stats:
Skill:5 + 1 x
Health:6 + 2 x
Morale:6 + 3 x
Leadership:0 + 4 x
Wepon skill:5 + 1 x
Initial items:
Annotations: Fight to stay alive
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Votes: 3

Blurb: You didnt want to do do it but it was your only choice


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02.12.2012 17:47 - cheeky

I liked this idea, make sure you continue to write it
08.11.2011 01:47 - Irate Steve

For a game with so few sections (so far) this is really quite good. Though the combat is a little tedious, I feel as though there are a lot of different ways of going about it, and probably some room for strategy later on.

My only real complaint would be that the writing is a bit lacklustre (there's virtually no description), and could definitely do with proofreading. The comment at the beginning that "this wasn't your first choice, but you didn't want to be a bin man" was a nice touch, though. Little details like that really help set the scene.

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