What is an
adventure gamebook?

A gamebook is a work of interactive fiction that allows the reader to make choices about the path they wish to take within a story. Unlike most novels there are many ways in which the story can be completed, and many different circumstances that can be experienced along the way. It is essentially up to the reader to make a success of the adventure they undertake. To read such gamebooks the same way as you would a normal novel would make little sense. The nature of adventure gamebooks is such that you must jump from section to section depending on the choices you make, the traps or creatures that confront you, and what you have experienced previously in your journey.

To successfully complete one of these books sometimes requires multiple attempts. An adventure gamebook requires the reader to be mindful of what they find during their quest and where they have trod before.

Enjoy your quest, you may not make it the first time but you can be assured that there is more than one way to complete it.

If you have never read a gamebook before then the ability to travel different paths and to encounter new situations on your journey can be a very novel experience indeed. For those of us who enjoy gamebooks a story is almost never read only once. There are simply too many things to do and too much to explore. Gamebooks have been designed with this outcome in mind. A reader may read and re-read the story, finding a different way each time, and in doing so explore a larger world than may at first be apparent.